Our Impact

We regularly assess the impact of our grants for children and young people against our Theory of Change, to ensure we understand the ways our Chances for Children grants have helped. We can only do this by reaching out to frontline workers, parents/carers, and when possible, children and young people themselves, to gain an authentic and meaningful insight.

We use our impact data across a variety of reports, presenting responses to surveys we have had from parents, carers, and referrers. We situate and examine their feedback within the framework of our Theory of Change. To achieve the latter, Chances for Children grants aim to improve the following:

  • Physical home environment
  • Emotional home environment (family relationships and parent coping)
  • Access to resources and support networks outside the home
  • Wellbeing (happiness, confidence, friendships, behaviour)
  • Capacity to engage in education

Figure 1 Impact data from the 2021-22 financial year


We analyse these findings at a deeper level by considering demographic data, spend per grant, the reasons for the award and the types of items/experiences granted. This allows us to evaluate and improve our grant-making. We also value the qualitative – aka written and expressive – insights that our grantees provide us with, and closely examine these to better understand the impact of our grant-making.

“As a single mother to 4 children, 3 of them with extra needs, we were really struggling with home life due to their needs and COVID-19. It was like a dark tunnel and we couldn't see a way out. With your help, things have become manageable for us all and our family has grown so much from your kindness.”


"The Buttle grant has helped me to buy transport to get to and from my college course which has helped a lot as I'm a teenager battling homelessness, and I don't have much money. With the grant I got an iPad which helps me complete my assignments but also has helped me gain some new hobbies, such as drawing and entertaining myself. The Buttle grant also got me new clothes which has kept me warm throughout the winter months and which I'm so thankful for. My education has improved so much since receiving the grant as I haven't had to worry about not having what I need - even a lunch box so I can take food with me, as I can't afford to buy it at the canteen. Buttle also awarded me with a gym pass which includes swimming and sauna and I have found it to be so relaxing and it's really helped me become healthier."

Young Person