Impact Report 2020-2021

The findings of our 2020-21 Impact Report reflect the adversity and challenging circumstances that our families, children and young people have been facing and the important difference a grant from Buttle UK can make.

With 3084 grants made to 6333 children and young people, the obstacles and difficulties many are facing after a year of COVID-19 are compounding the already present issues of living in poverty and the crisis that brought them to Buttle UK in the first place.

Many families describe isolation, job loss, income insecurity, increasing stress and worsening mental health as factors making the last year a particularly difficult one. Buttle UK is glad to have played a part in supporting these families and children by providing grants of up to £2000, which have gone towards items such as laptops, tablets, white goods, beds and bedding, toys, books, games, home furnishings, furniture and many more.

The publication of this Impact Report comes on the cusp of Buttle UK finishing the second year of our 2020 – 2025 Buttle UK Chances for Children Strategy. Not only did we achieve the incredible £10m goal that the Chances for Children Campaign Board set out to raise in 2016, our impact programme helped us to understand the improvements that families rated in their homes following a grant.

The feedback in this report comes directly from the families and young people, and offers a poignant reflection on the lived experiences of those that Buttle UK supports. We are so grateful for those families, as well as frontline referrers, who complete our surveys and give us an authentic insight into the crises they are recovering from – and the role that the grant has to play in that. We are also so very grateful to the huge number of donors who make the work we do possible. 

Our Impact Report 2020-2021 Executive Summary shows just what a difference our grant-making does make.