Impact Report 2021-22

The findings of our 2021-2022 Impact Report reflects upon the changes to grant giving made since the end of the pandemic, though we still see the remaining effects of Covid-19 that our families and young people are facing. Plunged into a Cost-of-Living crisis, this year's report really shows how vital our grants are.

Although we moved on from the most severe pandemic restrictions, the ongoing impact caused by COVID-19 has remained. Meanwhile, the cost of living has soared. Buttle UK has worked towards addressing these issues alongside the wide network of referral organisations from across the support sector who make applications. This has resulted in over £4 million worth of items and activities being provided to those in desperate need, supporting 4,500 children and young people.


The feedback in this report, as always, comes straight from the families and young people we support and offers a real view on the lived experiences of those people. We are so thankful to those families, as well as support workers, who complete our surveys and give us a realistic insight into the crises they are recovering from – and the role that the grant has to play in that. 

Our Impact Report 2021-2022 shows the importance of our grant making year on year.