Grant misspend, misuse and fraud

Our approach to grant misspend, misuse and fraud

Buttle UK conducts its business in a legal and ethical manner and expects the highest standards of honesty and integrity among its staff, trustees, applicants and grant recipients. We are committed to the prevention of fraud and the promotion of an anti-fraud culture.

We award Chances for Children grants to some of the most vulnerable children and young people in the United Kingdom via frontline agencies and services who are overstretched and juggling complex caseloads. Things can change day-to-day in the home and in the office.

We rely on the professional view of referrers to work closely with families and young people to support them to move on from very difficult situations. We trust referrers to manage each grant with proper care, for the purposes it was awarded and with attention to our terms and conditions.  We work speedily and flexibly to get our funds to where they are needed as soon as possible as the children and young people we support are in desperate situations and need help now.

Given these complex factors, things will sometimes go wrong. The document below sets out what action Buttle UK will take in different circumstances when we become aware of this. Each case is reviewed individually.