We are deeply grateful for our ambassadors who generously use their expertise, experience and platforms to share the stories of the children and young people we help, and the difference Buttle UK’s work makes.

Over the past five years, they have supported the Chances for Children Campaign through hosting and speaking at events, getting involved in appeals and generally raising up the work of Buttle UK and we could not have raised £10 million without their assistance.

Buttle UK is the most brilliant expression of what charity can be. And it's in our own country, in our own communities, on our own doorstep. It makes me mindful of my own privilege and makes me mindful of all the things that I have. And so many millions of fellow young people in my own community don't. That's why it's such a joy to be part of this charity.

Robert Rinder

Robert Rinder who many know from television as Judge Rinder, has been an ambassador of Buttle UK since 2016. Through leading public appeals, helping host numerous events, and his tireless dedication to this work, he has helped raised over £1 million for Buttle UK.

Lorraine Pascale, perhaps best known as a British television chef, was supported with a boarding school place by Buttle UK after years of being in and out of foster care . She has been so kind to share her expertise of how support from Buttle UK has been part of her journey towards the successful person she is today.

Anton du Beke is one of the most recognisable figures in dance today, best known for his role on Strictly Come Dancing. Anton has become a household name through regular appearances and presenter roles on primetime television.  He has been very generous with his time, particularly in appearing at gala events.

Richard Arnold, television presenter, journalist, and Entertainment Editor for ITV’s breakfast show Good Morning Britain, has too been incredibly generous in supporting our fundraising events.