Measuring Impact

It is critical to the success of our work to understand the impact that our Chances for Children grants are making. We do this through surveying both grant recipients and frontline workers, and through analysing data on the grants we have awarded.


We are committed to understanding how our Chances for Children grants impact the lives of the children and young people they are awarded to. In order to capture an insight into this impact, we send surveys to parents/carers and referrers three months after the grant has been made. We also contact young people directly by text, to gather their perspectives. We then follow the initial survey or text with an additional similar opportunity six months after the grant has been awarded. This allows for an understanding of the longer-term changes over time. In 2021, we gathered data for 567 families and young people after twelve weeks, and 254 families and young people after six months. A total of 942 referrers provided feedback through surveys as well, giving us a deep understanding of the difference a Chances for Children grant can make.

From the grantee surveys we have found:

  • 74% average improvement in the wellbeing of the children.
  • 71% average improvement in the home environment due to the items provided.
  • 74% average improvement in family relationships.
  • 72% average improvement in the children’s engagement with education.

From the referrer surveys we have found:

  • 96% of referrers describe positive changes in their own supportive relationship with the family
  • 89% of referrers feel that parents are coping better since their grant.
  • 82% of referrers saw improvements in the wellbeing and physical health of the children.

"Without Buttle’s help and kindness, both my daughter and I would not be in the better mental state that we are in today. Having to leave an abusive relationship was financially difficult for me but with your help, you eased the struggle and stress that I had. It benefitted my daughter immensely, boosting her self-confidence."

Chances for Children grantee

“Buttle UK grants are so helpful for my clients, they really change the situation and bring a touch of normality. Often the children have left all their possessions and having new things they have chosen or a bike or a day out just really makes them feel more normal.”

Chances for Children referrer


Our grant system provides us with a huge amount of important data. This data informs our decisions and grant-making practices, through analysis of where, why and on what our grants have been spent. We track and analyse patterns and trends, meaning we can be responsive to needs and challenges as they arise. Here is some data on the top ten items that our grants funded in 2020-2021 and why they were needed: