Women’s Giving Circle

Our Women's Giving Circle is an amazing group committed to raising vital funds so that more children and young women are given a chance for change.

Joining our Women’s Giving Circle means making a direct difference to the lives of children, mothers, and young women.

Buttle UK supports children and young people in poverty and crisis. At the heart of so many of the households we work with are women, struggling to do the best they can for the children they love and care for, under incredibly difficult circumstances:

  • 45% of single parents – the vast majority (90%) of which are women – are living in poverty. Almost half of children living with a single parent (47%) are now in poverty.
  • 90% of our grant giving supports children and young people in single female headed households.
  • Refers to our grants shared in our State of Child Poverty Survey 2023, that 50% of the children they work with are living in destitution.
  • The cost-of-living crisis is impacting those in poverty to most, as they already spend a much higher percentage of their income on essential, for example low income families spending 16% of income on energy, compared to 5% for middle income.
  • In the next year, the rising cost of living likely to send an estimated 1.3 million more people into poverty, 500,000 of them children.

Two black children, both girls, they are smiling in front of a group of houses, one has her head on the other's shoulder.


More than ever, children and young people struggling in poverty need a chance for change. As a member of our Women’s Giving Circle, you will be part of a network of women providing a helping hand to mothers who are struggling with poverty and crisis who only want the best for their children.

Every member of the Women’s Giving Circle pledges a minimum of £500 that will make a direct and tangible impact on the life of a child.



To see the impact you could make, please review the report for the Women’s Giving Circle for 2022-2023.

  • You can give personally through a bespoke, individual relationship with Buttle UK. Many supporters commit gifts over three to four years.
  • You can give through a company, working with us to create a tailor-made partnership, volunteering opportunities for your staff and potential product collaborations.
  • You can fundraise in all sorts of ways whether it’s through throwing a dinner party, organising a challenge event such as a run or cycle, hosting a brunch and so much more.


The way I described receiving a grant to somebody the other day was like being given a whole new start after such a horrible few years. It’s like deleting bad memories to make room for new happy ones.


By joining The Women’s Giving Circle, you will provide a tangible difference in a child’s life through our Chances for Children grants.

The Chances for Children grants help ‘crisis points’ become ‘turning points’ in children’s lives.  It could be anything from, a bedA white child, male, around 5 to 6 years of age on a climbing frame with his arm raised. He is smiling. to a school uniform, clothes, or a laptop for schoolwork. The grants which are up to £2,000 each are tailored to each child’s specific needs and designed to improve wellbeing and engagement with education

Our grants have shown time and time again, that a relatively small investment can make a big difference in the lives of vulnerable children and young people. For each individual Chances for Children grant you fund, we will share the story of the child, family and/or young person whose particular challenges that funding has helped to address.

Because of the legacy left to us by our founder, 100% of your donation goes directly to a child or young person.

If you would like to find out more about the Women’s Giving Circle and how you can partner with Buttle UK, please contact Adrienne Gregory below.

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