Toby’s Story

A welcome change.

7-year-old child Toby and his mother live in Scotland. Last year they fled their violent home to a local women’s refuge, to escape the endless abuse inflicted on them by her partner. Unfortunately, the perpetrator found them, meaning they had to flee a second time to homeless accommodation with nothing but each other.

After having stayed in the homeless accommodation for a few months, they were finally able to relocate to a new home. Toby was referred to Buttle UK by a local social worker, who was aware of the urgent needs of the child, that his mother was desperate to meet yet had no means to.

Their new accommodation was a shell. It had no white goods, beds or bedding, it was not a good place to be after such a difficult time for Toby and his mother.

Social Worker

Toby was becoming increasingly unsettled at both home and school. So Buttle UK intervened and supplied all of the white goods for the house, as well as a bed and new bedding, to allow Toby to settle into a routine. He had also showed interest in a local Beavers club that his school peers were involved in. Buttle UK funded his club fees for the year, but also provided funding for appropriate clothing such as wellies and a waterproof coat, so that he could go on the trips and feel more included in the group. From experiencing these clubs and learning new social skills, Toby is demonstrating growing knowledge and skills by wanting to play board games at home with his mother and sleeping well through the night.

Proving that the smallest intervention really can make the biggest impact on a child’s life.

Beavers club gives Toby a much needed sense of belonging and routine