Aimee’s Story

The chance to break away and start again.

Aimee is a single mother caring for her two children ages 13 and 17, who has experienced repeated domestic abuse inflicted on her by the father of the children.

After an incredibly turbulent period in the family home, the younger of the two children witnessed their mother self-harming and it was at this stage, that Aimee decided to leave the father and flee with her children in order to try and start their lives again.

Unfortunately, the father continued to harass Aimee and the children and assaulted her and trashed their new accommodation. His behaviour being witnessed by the children was having a detrimental effect on their emotional wellbeing. Aimee’s mental health was also declining due to the pressure of living in fear of the father as well as increasing debts.

Buttle UK was able to help Aimee and the two children by providing not only the emergency essentials for their new home, including a cooker so that they could make home cooked meals but also horse riding lessons for the younger child, Rebecca, who was traumatised by the events in the home giving her a chance to feel happy and normal. We also supplied funding for a security camera, which in fact caught the perpetrator trying to break into their home.

Now the children can sleep well at night knowing they are safe and can look forward to moving on together.