Impact of Donations

Do you remember a time when somebody really helped you, when a small intervention made a big impact on your life?

We have over 60 years of experience of helping children and young people in crisis, by paying for things that would otherwise be out of reach. This could be anything from a bed for a child who is sleeping on the floor, to travel costs and a laptop so a homeless teenager can start their first college course.

£10 per month over a year could purchase a buggy for a depressed new mother to give her access to local mum groups, to ease her feeling of isolation.

£5 per month could allow a child to make friends in a new community at the local football club, after having moved in with their grandparents when their parents couldn’t care for them.

£3 per month could contribute to a new school uniform for a child who only has a few items of clothing after fleeing with mum from an abusive relationship.