Surviving Estrangement – Estranged Young People Co-Produced Report

In this report, we worked with a group of young people to interview other young people and frontline workers, capturing young peoples’ direct, raw experiences as they struggled through the pandemic and into the cost-of-living crisis.

Photos provided by Georgia Kay Williams photography.

Thousands of children are largely hidden and extremely vulnerable, with no support from parents or carers. The findings of this report reveal:

  • An estimated 150,000 young people (2.7% of all students in the UK) are estranged from parents in the UK today
  • Communication and overstretched support services are a barrier to estranged young people (EYP) getting the support they need, and this is reflected in the proportion of Buttle UK’s support that has gone to estranged young people since COVID-19 began.

Our latest report – Surviving Estrangement – was co-produced by 7 young people, all of whom have experienced estrangement and have been supported with a Buttle UK grant. Details of the report, including interviews with case studies, were broadcast on Channel 4 News on Wednesday 21st December 2022.

This report demonstrates very clearly that this hidden group of young people who have often experienced significant trauma, are vulnerable and lacking support, is growing. With no family home to go back to, the festive season is a particularly difficult time for these young people.

We must shine a light on the challenges faced by estranged young people, and address the barriers identified by them in this report. We particularly seek financial and social assistance for them on a par with care leavers, combined with improving the infrastructure and educational support they receive.

Joseph Howes, CEO, Buttle UK