Support for Boarding

We have been supporting boarding places for young people for 65 years. The children we support through boarding are disadvantaged by limited parenting capacity and often at risk of family breakdown. Specifically, we will offer support to children who have been assessed as meeting the relevant criteria of facing severe family, social, emotional or health problems.

In previous years, we have assessed the impact of Boarding Chances for Children grants by collecting exam results for those reaching the end of their studies and comparing this to the national average and the average results for those at higher risk. We also ask the parents/carers of these children to complete a survey to inform us whether and how children have experienced improvements.

This year we have done things differently. Alongside the above we have also collected impact data for all boarding students as part of the annual renewal process, asking parents/carers the questions that we would ordinarily only ask for students reaching the end of boarding support. And, for the first time, we spoke directly to beneficiaries about their experiences of boarding.

Key findings:

  • 90% of students, for whom we have results data, received 5 or more A*-C’s.
  • Over a fifth (21%) of students obtained at least one grade A*, which is over three times the national average of 6.3%.
  • Between 67% and 93% of parents have seen improvements in wellbeing as a result of boarding.
  • Between 79% and 93% of parents reported improvements across education.
  • Between 77% and 93% of parents reported improved family and parenting functioning.

Read the full report for 2019-2020 here.

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