Support for Boarding

We have been supporting boarding places for young people for nearly 70 years. The children we support through boarding are disadvantaged by limited parenting capacity and often at risk of family breakdown. Specifically, we will offer support to children who have been assessed as meeting the relevant criteria of facing severe family, social, emotional or health problems.

Given the special nature of a Boarding Chances for Children grant, we assess the impact of the grant in many different ways. We collect exam results for those reaching the end of their studies – either at GCSE or in some exceptional cases, A-Levels – and compare this to the national average, as well as the average results for those at higher risk. We ask the parents/carers of these finishers to complete a survey to inform us whether and how children have experienced improvements over their entire time at boarding school. To complement this, we also request an update via an annual survey from all parents/carers of continuing students. Finally, we have the great privilege of speaking to some grantees on a yearly basis, in order to gain an insight into life as a boarder.

Key findings for finishing students:

  • 100%of students, for whom we have results data, received 5 or more 9-4s (A*-Cs)
  • 4% of students obtained a pass in both their Maths and English GCSES
  • All students finishing their A-levels or GCSEs were going on to further or higher education following their time in boarding school.

For those finishing their time in boarding school, parents and carers report excellent improvement scores across their child’s wellbeing, educational engagement and family relationships, validating Buttle UK’s Theory of Change. For those at the beginning and middle of their time at boarding school, improvements scores are also positive, supported by the comments and insights provided by students themselves at interview.

"In my opinion, The School [anonymised] is an outstanding school as it has opened many different opportunities for me, from sports opportunities to educational opportunities…the teachers there are extremely kind as well as helpful and encouraging and motivational as they push you to always do your best and push past your limits and that to me is one of the most important qualities that need to be shown to school kids."

Finishing student, 2020-2021

"I feel less stressed, generally happy, more confident…because of access to all the activities, being around a lot of people, always someone I can contact if I have a problem!"

Continuing student, 2020-2021