Voices from families during COVID-19

We are all facing different challenges with the current health crisis. However, for many children and young people living on very low incomes, this crisis will amplify difficulties that already exist in their life and increase their isolation. For those just getting by, it may be what pulls them under.

By Pixie Parker · April 20, 2020

Since the beginning of the crisis, we have been speaking to referrers about how the current situation has affected their organisation and their work, how it might affect their capacity to make Chances for Children applications, and most importantly, how it has affected the families that they are working with. To do this, we asked support workers; ‘What are the are the most essential items that you envision families needing over the coming months?’

The assistance that many support workers see families needing over the coming months can largely be split into six main categories (with slight overlap): education, electronics, entertainment, direct financial support, home essentials and mental health support.

“Books, fridge to store food, microwave, an activity indoors such as PlayStation as I find it hard to be locked in a room by myself and it’s not good for my mental health”.

“Things to help kids with boredom like garden toys, games and educational tools like tablets and stationary.”

We can help children, families and young people with their wellbeing and to maintain their education during this crisis; and give them the foundation they will need to move forward once it has passed.

  • Educational activities and stimulus in the home: providing educational books and toys, games for families and other things to keep children engaged and learning.
  • Additional assistance to IT and internet access: ensuring children and young people can keep-up with school and course work.
  • Household essentials to make homes safe and comfortable: a fridge to store food, a proper bed to sleep in, a dining room table to do homework at.
  • Other emergency essentials we will listen to the specific needs of each family and make sure the grant covers the things they need to get them through this difficult time.