Marking 70 Years of Buttle UK

We are proud to announce that this week we will begin events and activites to mark our 70th Anniversary. Over the coming weeks this will include reflections on the past, where we are today and our hopes for the future. All of which is about continuing the legacy of Frank Buttle.

Frank Buttle is our Founder. On a momentous day in 1937, had the idea to raise £1m to help children in need throughout the UK. This idea  had its roots in the founding of  an adoption society, which he did in 1916, as he was horrified by the way orphans were being treated.

Frank chose to live a life of poverty so that he could raise the funds he’d set as his goal. He would buy shares and properties nobody else was interested in, wore  threadbare clothes and ate a meagre diet of cheese sandwiches, baked potatoes or boiled cod’s heads.

To learn more about Frank Buttle, watch the short video below.

When Frank passed away in 1953, he was only £76,000 short of his £1m goal. He believed that every child wanting the security of a happy home should be helped to find it.

And so, with Frank’s legacy, 70 years later, we continue to deliver the important work he set out to achieve. With our Chances for Children and Support for Boarding grants, the battle against child poverty in ongoing, and each year we strive to to launch more children out of poverty and help them move on from crisis.

We hope you will join us on our journey the coming weeks while we look back upon the past and reflect on the vital work Buttle UK   Is still carrying out at what is such a difficult time for children, young people and families living on low incomes.

If you are someone who believes you were helped by Buttle UK, or perhaps you knew us as The Buttle Trust many years ago, we’d love to hear from you.

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