Buttle UK: Ethnicity and our Grant Making Report

As a part of our ongoing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work, we have completed an in depth piece of research mapping our applicants and grantees for our Chances for Children grants against the England, Wales and Northern Ireland Census data released in 2022.

By Pixie Parker · December 13, 2023

As a part of our ongoing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion strategy, Buttle UK has made a commitment to look at who applies for and receives our grants.

This work has been done primarily to understand whether there might be barriers to accessing Buttle UK for any groups of children or young people, as our objective is that we receive applications and award grants representatively against need and criteria across the UK.

Following the release of the Census 2021 data on 29 November 2022, for the first time, Buttle UK have had the opportunity to compare how the ethnicity of our Chances for Children applicants and grantees map against the ethnicities reported in the Census in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Due to Scotland’s Census taking place in March 2022, this data is not due to be published until the Summer of 2024, so we will undertake a separate report for Scotland in due course.

Our aim with this report was to see how representative our applicants and grantees are of the population in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, to understand and take action if any significant gaps or missing groups are identified and to track any patterns or anomalies.

To read the full report, download the PDF below.

If you have any questions or would like to contact somebody about this report, please email Clare McGread, Director of Grants Development at