Ayani’s Experience as an intern at Graphite Capital

In the last week of June 2023, four young people from Buttle UK’s Support for Boarding programme took part in a week-long internship with our corporate sponsor, Graphite Capital. Interns had the opportunity to spend a week in London learning about the private equity and wider financial sector. In this blog, Ayani, one of the interns supported by Buttle UK, reflects on her experience and what she learned.

My name is Ayani and I’m currently doing my masters at Aston University studying Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine.

I wanted to take part in the Graphite Capital summer internship programme as the opportunity to intern with such a prestigious company was one that could not be missed. It also gave me further insight into the field of finance which has always been of interest to me.

When I first arrived, I felt nervous and anxious, because my knowledge about the financial field was limited. What helped me settle in was connecting and realising from presenters your degree doesn’t necessarily define your career path.

Throughout the week, we received presentations from both internal and external speakers from different sectors which as a whole made up the team of private equity. This was beneficial as it provided insight into the field. We also had a case study activity which we presented at the end of the week, as a team.

I was able to connect and build with others, in the team, from different backgrounds. This was nerve wracking at first but working together and building that mutual understanding made it very rewarding. The experience gave me additional knowledge in connecting with others and learning new skills.

Through the internship, I learnt a lot about myself in terms of communication, becoming a team player and problem solving. So learning to effectively get a point across and thinking about solutions towards a problem. It could also be intimidating to sometimes take a step outside my comfort zone and connect with new people.

It was definitely worth taking part, the experience was edifying in terms of character development and providing insight to potential job opportunities.

My advice for young individuals offered a similar opportunity would be to make the most out the opportunity given, it’s a tremendous learning experience that will expand your knowledge on the financial sector.