All in the Same Boat?

Buttle UK's podcast series

It is safe to say that society is currently full of challenges. The pandemic has exacerbated the inequalities our children already faced. We can see that we may not be ‘all in the same boat’.  Buttle UK has created a new podcast series to explore these issues, how they are affecting children and what some of the solutions might be.

A different celebrity host leads each conversation, which explores a different theme.  They are joined by a guest specialising in the subject under discussion, along with Joseph Howes, Buttle UK’s CEO. Together they offer a lens on some of the most important issues facing our children today.

The children born today enter a world that is different to the one only a year ago, and a new year brings a new opportunity to reimagine it.  The aim of the series is to generate a wider discussion on how we can do this, and give all children a better chance at life.  Issues being covered include: the digital divide, supporting children’s mental health, and the impact of estrangement from family and carers.

Join our celebrity hosts…

Rob Rinder discusses the ‘digital divide’ with Anne Longfield, the previous Children’s Commissioner for England.

Greg Rutherford discusses children and mental health with Joanna Holmes from BACP.

Jane Moore discusses the impact of domestic abuse on children with Louise Sparywatson from Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid.