Live Data Dashboards

It’s really important to us that we are transparent in how we undertake our work and its outcomes. This includes sharing information about the types of items we award and the factors that we commonly see on applications for our grants.

The data below is a rolling snapshot of the last 12 months at Buttle UK.

The visualisation highlights our most commonly granted items. The circumstances families are facing and the external context, both nationally and locally, is always changing – so the portions of our funding spent on these things changes over time.

The first chart demonstrates the need within households in poverty over the last 12 months. The grant descriptors are just one insight into the difficult crisis factors that Buttle UK grantees are facing. We have nearly 50 different factors that can be recorded for any household, and they tell us what are the combination of factors each family is facing, but also allow us to see the most commonly recurring factors.

Items and activities are awarded in unique, holistic packages that meet these needs and raise aspirations for the children and young people the support. The second chart gives the percentage of our total grant spend on the top 10 items awarded.