Zak’s Story

In a sense Buttle saved my life.

For a young boy who had never known his father, losing his mother at the age of 8 was incredibly difficult. Zak went to live with his aunt nearby in Liverpool. However, there were three boys sharing one small bedroom and it became clear that his aunt’s husband resented him being there.

Zak went to stay with another aunt and uncle 200 miles away for Christmas. On Boxing Day he got a call and was told that he could not return to Liverpool. His uncle and aunt in Surrey agreed that he should stay with them, even though they were on a low income themselves. Zak was made very welcome in his new home, but shortly after he moved in his aunt became severely ill. His uncle wanted to do his best for Zak and when a friend suggested boarding school he felt it would be a good option that would give them all space, but still keep Zak a member of the family.  Zak acknowledges his new family were doing the best for him at the time, but he was not happy and his behaviour was challenging. If Buttle UK had not stepped in with support to attend boarding school he does not know what would have happened to him.

I thought boarding school would be the worst time of my life, but actually it was the best time.


Boarding school gave him focus and a group of people around him that he came to regard as family. He did well at school which set him up for a career in logistics. He has his own flat now, but still lives near his aunt and uncle who he sees regularly.

I wouldn't change a thing, it's worked out really well to be honest. If I hadn't got the scholarship? That's what worries me. In a sense the Buttle Trust saved my life.