Bev’s Story

Stepping in when her grandchildren needed her most.

Bev had had a difficult life but becoming a grandmother was a turning point for her, she realised that she had never been a parent to her children. Bev worked really hard to turn her life around. She was mortified to see her daughter making similar mistakes to her and on Christmas Day she had to take in her grandchildren full time.

With three distressed children to look after, things became more challenging for Bev and she was unable to remain working. In desperation she Googled “support for grandparents” and found an organisation called Grandparents Plus. She was assigned a support worker who listened to her needs and suggested that Buttle UK may be able to help with a new fridge-freezer. Bev had found her old fridge-freezer when it was about to thrown away 7 years ago; it leaked and caused regular stomach upsets.

As our caseworker listened to her story she felt we could do more to help improve the children’s wellbeing. Due to bed bugs the youngest child’s bed had to be thrown away, so in addition to the fridge-freezer we funded a new bed, bedding for all the children’s beds and towels. Critically we also funded after-school activities for each of the children; gymnastics for the youngest child, football sessions for the middle child, and boxing lessons for the eldest grandson. This tiny intervention has helped give structure to the children’s lives and for her eldest grandson, ensured that he doesn’t head down the same path that Bev and her daughter had taken. Bev will be grateful forever.

The world's a hard place, even if you've got support and you're financially stable, it's a bad place if you make the wrong choices.