How to apply for a grant

Details of the application processes for Chances for Children and Support for Boarding Grants

Chances for Children Grants

Applications are all made via an online application portal. This allows for sensitive and confidential information about applicants to be securely received and automatically saved.

We do not provide paper applications.

Before you apply for a grant, you will need to:

  • register with Buttle UK using the online application portal
  • provide your contact details and information about the organisation you work for, including organisation’s name, address, charity number and line manager contact details

We only accept applications from frontline professionals from a registered charity, housing association, schools or college or a public sector organisation:

  • who are working directly with the children or young person
  • have carried out at least one home visit
  • made a full assessment of the children’s or young person’s needs
  • will be working with the family or young person for a minimum of 3 months to ensure completion of the management of the grant

If the application is successful, you will need to:

  • agree to and follow our grant terms and conditions
  • manage the funds on behalf of your family/young person
  • upload receipts as soon as possible or within 8 weeks of receiving the funds
  • complete an evaluation survey

You can read our pre-paid card terms and conditions here.

Please note: all applicant organisations must ensure that all applicant information and applications meet the Safeguarding and Data Protection Policies of your organisation and that any safeguarding issues pertaining to the applicant are duly considered. Applicant organisations must take all reasonable steps to ensure that children, young people and vulnerable adults are protected in the delivery of their work.

Support for Boarding Grants

Applications for Support for Boarding must be made by a parent or carer. Boarding schools cannot make an application. Before starting an application, please be aware that we only fund between 10-20 boarding places each year. The application process is lengthy and thorough. This is because:

  • We aim to prioritise the boarding cases that most need our support
  • Boarding is not right for every child – we need to be confident that this will work for your child and benefit them
  • When we agree boarding support for a child, that support can be in place until they complete their GCSE year – this is a big financial commitment
  • Schools need a lot of information about the young person to help them plan appropriate support

We’re keen to receive applications from parents and carers who have a child who will benefit from a place in a boarding school and who are eligible for support. Please note:

  • All applications have to be completed online
  • You need to register on the application system before starting an application

We have a three-stage process for Boarding applications:

Stage 1: We ask for family and household information and a supporting statement describing the home situation. At this stage we may turn the application down or invite you to fill in a Stage 2 application.

Stage 2: The second stage is very detailed and you will be asked to provide more information including an educational history, detail and evidence of the household finances, and supporting statements from professionals. DO NOT SEND this information unless you are asked to complete a Stage 2 application.

Stage 3: We will visit the young person and parent / carer in their home or set up a video/telephone call to discuss the case in detail and explore your concerns and questions about boarding.

Only after all three stages have been completed will we confirm whether there is funding for a place.

At any stage we may contact you to ask for additional information or to clarify information you have provided.  Any delay in providing information will affect the assessment. We may also have to halt the application, at any stage, if all of our funding has been committed.

You do not need to have a boarding school in mind when you make an application to us – we will help you to find a suitable school from our network of partner schools if we progress the application.

Schools take on new pupils each September. We open to boarding applications in Autumn each year and you will be notified of the closing date. This is to consider applications for the following September. We cannot accept applications after the stage 1 closing date due to the level of requests we receive.

Before starting an application please do read through our criteria carefully to ensure you are eligible.

If you are ready to start an application, please start here.

If you would like to find out more please contact: